Many of our members answer the call to help marshal races in the region. Some regularly marshal at our local Wepre Park Run and we also gather our troops to marshal a whole zone at the Chester Marathon.

Litter Picking

Litter Picking along the river Dee has become a regular club event to help in the community.

Gear for Gambia / Shoes for Tanzania

We donate collections of our used trainers to these charities.

Giving Blood

The Welsh Blood Service is the official community partner of Welsh Athletics which we support by having a booking link on our sites and many of our members give blood.

Zoo Adoptions

Each year we have a collection to adopt animals from both The Welsh Mountain Zoo and Chester Zoo. These are animals that represent our club in some way - either very fast or very slow like the Cheetah and Tortoise or simply our club colours. Below are photos members have took visiting our adoptions.

Our Mascots

We received a cuddly toy from our zoo adoptions 'SlothStrider' who we carry around some races.